7 Wanderlust-Inducing Music Videos

Travel— I think, first and foremost, above the other senses— is such an ocular experience.  What you see when you step off the plane, wander through a small village, and look down at your dinner plate are all new, captivating images: visuals of which you take a mental picture and store away for future storytelling, and/or private recollections. 

It's interesting to me when artists get inspired to shoot their music videos on location overseas. It excites me, and inspires me to travel as well. So in the spirit of travel and the optic stimulation that occurs as a result, here are 7 music videos that capture either the spirit of the journey, the vibe of a city, or the beauty of a people and its culture.  

In her visual for Losing You, Solange Knowles heads to South Africa with friends, where they take in their surroundings. They meet up with a group of gentlemen from La SAPE along the way. 

Though Sri-Lankan-born M.I.A filmed her Bad Girls clip in Morocco, the video was a portrayal of the Persian-Gulf, and made a few political statements (one being women's rights in Saudi Arabia). Politics aside, the visual is stunning, and draws you in, making you want to witness those amazing car tricks in the desert first-hand. 

Death Cab For Cutie's I Will Possess Your Heart follows a young lady as she wanders from country to country— possibly running away from a love that awaits her back home. 

Directed by Spike Lee, Michael Jackson's epic They Don't Care About Us was shot in Brazil, in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. He used the people living in that favela as extras, and collaborated with 200 members of the cultural group Olodum .

In the clip for Paris Nights / New York Mornings, singer/songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae walks around the streets and visits various sites of Paris, all before getting into a yellow taxi that features a NYC license plate.


Filmed in Tokyo, Read My Mind by The Killers captures the vibe of the city beautifully, with shots of Shibuya's busy crosswalk, the colorful arcades, quaint storefronts and a capsule hotel.

Though shot in LA, Janet Jackson's Got til it's Gone  is a beautifully filmed video inspired by apartheid in South Africa. 

 Did we overlook any good videos?
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