A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.
— Moslih Eddin Saadi


When he isn’t traveling, VAUGHN can be found in his native Philadelphia (or NYC) enjoying life with his closest friends. He is an admirer and patron of the arts, and loves to spend time in the kitchen.

Vaughn feels that it’s important to escape the confines of uniformity to become a well rounded and culturally aware individual: he travels for this purpose. It’s his goal to gain a better understanding of and to be inspired by life. Traveling has opened his mind, and has been a constant surge of inspiration for him. He hopes to bring that inspiration to others, namely the upcoming generation of urban youth.

He believes the best travel experiences are measured in memories, not miles.


SEAN is from West Philly in the Northeastern section of the United States [just in case you aren’t familiar]. As a young child he always demonstrated a curious nature. His mother fed him with encyclopedias, atlases and PBS documentaries, which laid a foundation for the drifter lifestyle that would later come. One of his earliest travel memories is riding the local El train to the end of the line just to see how far it went.

Sean’s first international travel experience came in January 2008 when he traveled to the Indian cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Agra. Since then Sean has traveled to the Persian Gulf, Near East, Ethiopia, Panama, Western Europe and back to India. Sean recently moved from Seoul, South Korea to Saudi Arabia. He visits his hometown of Philadelphia on occasion, mainly to visit family.


A mongrel of two nations, TRICIA-NOEL, also known as Tnoëly, is an equal brew of Trinidadian and Irish-American decent. Impermanence and frequent migrations are no stranger to her, as she’s lived in four [US] States and three countries, and has travelled to over 30 nations in counting. As a trained ballet/jazz/contemporary dancer of 24 years, theatre and the arts are her obsession. When she isn't traveling, she can be found visiting food and flower markets, attending music festivals, practicing yoga and dance, hosting nationwide charities and clamoring through her exciting [full-time] career at a creative media agency.

When traveling, the top three things she gravitates toward include the local food, dances and language. She believes one can never truly understand the nature of a people without observation and first-hand experience. Tricia-Noël's mantra is that of [author] Paolo Coelho’s: When you want something with your whole heart, all the universe conspires into helping you achieve it. She hopes to share this mantra by motivating others to live and breathe the desires of their hearts.