What NOT to do…

There are things we do when in the privacy of our own homes, or things we do in our own countries, that are perfectly acceptable. But things change when we travel outside of our sanctums and enter into foreign lands; the things you do at home might come off as strange or even offensive. It’s important to understand this.

Don’t be oblivious to how your actions are being perceived. (Or as our friend Robair says, “Don’t get cocky.”)

It’s important, when traveling, to understand the cultural nuances and infrastructural differences between where you come from and the place you are visiting. Do research before your visit; be prepared by learning customary procedure— what’s acceptable and what isn’t— that way you don’t appear foolish or disrespectful. Don’t think that because you’re a visitor, certain rules don’t apply to you; by stepping foot on their soil you’ve agreed to play by their rules. If you’re mindful of this, you’ll be respected by the locals and more than likely have a good travel experience. -VJ