Weekly Drifter: TANZANIA

Reputed as one of the most peaceful and stable countries on the African continent as well as a “Cultural Melting Pot” (with its 120 different ethnic groups), and being home to some of Earth’s most spectacular scenery, Tanzania has unquestionably earned a spot among Nubian Drifter’s Weekly Destinations.

With one-third of its land set aside for wildlife conservation, Tanzania has the highest concentration of wild animals—not just in Africa— in the world, and can rightfully be called the top destination for wildlife viewing. What’s more is the myriad of nature at which to be marveled and explored. One can travel the Serengeti, utilize the different trails to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, go on Safari at Ngorongoro Crater, be humbled by the massiveness of Lake Victoria, get up close and personal with the Chimps at Gombe Stream National Park, and relax on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar

Tanzania proves to be a destination good for any time of the year, as the area boasts a comfortable, mild climate, which never normally sees oppressive temperatures. March to May brings about most of the rain, but if a little precipitation isn’t a deterrent, the good news is accomodation costs are significantly lower during these months.

No matter when you go, however, you’re bound to see a stunning variety of wildlife and an incomparable sweeping landscape. But the real gem is not what you see, apprarently, but the people you meet. Tanzanian people are among the warmest, most generous, humble and culturally confident people. Take the time to befriend them and you’ll be treated as family, a feat which—ask any traveler— can easily become the highlight of a trip!

Happy Travels! —VJ