Weekly Drifter: GREECE

Athens. Mykonos. Plakias. Santorini. Hydra Island. Corfu. In Greece, I was instantly transported into scenes from Mama Mia, Summer Lovers and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. From the remains of the ancient Greek gods to the peering cliffs over sparkling navy blue waters- the Greek Islands will have even the most jaded tourist stunned by its charm. Practicing photographers would fall in love with Greek imagery and visitors will discover a gentle warmth. 

Overview:Greece offers a myriad of experiences, landscapes and activities. It is the pulsing nightclubs of Mykonos and the ancient beauty of Delos; the grandeur of Delphi and the earthiness of Ioannina; the rugged hillsides of Crete and the lush wildflowers of spring. It is the blinding light of the Mykonos sun, the melancholy throb of Thessaloniki’s rembetika (blues songs), the tang of home-made tzatziki, the gossip in the kafeneia (coffee shops). It is the Parthenon - solitary and pristine - lording it over the hazy sprawl of Athens.”  (Lonely Planet)

Athens: The oldest, safest, and liveliest city in Europe. The country’s capital is constantly revamping and transitioning its urban soul and artistic trends. You’ll notice this in their restaurants, hotels, style of dress, and street life. When visiting Athens, one must visit the Acropolis, crowned by the Parthenon Temple, which is one of the greatest archeological sites built by the world’s most advanced civilizations. It sits 490 ft above sea level on what has been called a Sacred Rock radiating power and protection. My favorite spot at the Parthenon is where the flag pole stands and the city stretches out endlessly before you. “You can see the Plaka beneath you, the ruins of the giant Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Olympic Stadium nestled in a pine covered hill, an island of green in a sea of concrete.”(Lonely Planet)

From Athens take a short ferry ride to Hydra Island where the view is absolutely breathtaking. Ride a donkey, have a hot chocolate on the cliffs over the sea, and keep your eyes open for celebrities.

Mykonos: The sun shines brighter over Mykonos and the parties are non stop. If you want to go where where the trendy music bars are and scenes for a memorable night life, Mykonos is the spot. The beaches, outdoor venues and coffee shops are great places for people watching and reflective life appreciating moments. 

Santorini: The sunsets in Santorini are noted to be most spectacular. Young couples would find it magical peering out from a hotel on the the sea cliffs. Happily single travelers would probably find it fascinating to visit a village with all the qualities of a remote island in Akrotiri. There are almost never any tourists in Akrotiri because most people do not even know it exists. Walk on the black sandy beaches in Perissa and Kamari. Then when you witness the Santorini sunset, it will be an experience that heightens one’s awareness of nature and his place within it. “For all Santorini has to offer, its fine beaches, active nightlife, restaurants, tomato keftedes, excellent wines-the volcano is the true star of the island. I don’t think you can go to another planet and be more impressed than you will be when you see Santorini for the first time.” (Matt Barrett)

*The best time to travel to Greece would probably be late winter early spring when the sun shines but you can still enjoy a cool breeze. Summer time on beaches would also be enjoyable.

Oh! and P.S… Do NOT leave Greece without having a gyro. You’ll be glad you didn’t:)    -tnoely