The Scrapbook: Remembering Your Travel Experience Piece by Piece

Ever return from your travels with more brochures, ticket stubs, photos and other documents than you know what to do with? I think we’ve all been in this situation; the reactionary thing to do to declutter your space is to toss everything in the garbage or recycle bin. However, an even better, more productive, fun and creative way of recycling these accumulated items would be to make scrapbook! 

When I moved back to America from Japan, I found myself having a bag full of paper memorabilia I’d saved with the intent of doing something creative. A collage, or something of the sort, for nostalgia purposes. But then I found an empty cardboard Moleskine® journal I’d recently purchased, and everything clicked! I grabbed a pair of scissors, emptied out the bag of stuff, grabbed a few glue sticks, and went about creating. I found myself in a zone, laying things out, piecing pages together as memories of the past few months came flooding back. This process lasted about 4 or 5 days, after which I was overrun with bittersweet feelings, as I’d reached the journal’s last page. 


Though a tedious process, scrapbooking is awesome in that you can look through a book and not only have the memories, but a tangible object that takes the minutest of space and has the possibility of bringing back sights, sounds and smells you might have otherwise forgotten. 

Inspiration: party flyers. subway maps. stickers. napkins. photos. city maps. museum pamhplets. newspapers. magazines. journal entries. grocery receipts.

Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to scapbooking. Just be creative, and allow it to be a direct reflection of who you are as an individual, and the experience you’ve had. In other words, put your heart into it! -VJ

Have experiences with scrapbooking or creatively documenting your travels? Share them with us!