South America Bound

Hi drifters… okay, so it’s been a while since our last post. Terribly apologetic. All we can say is that life happens. Good news though: We’re headed to Peru! 

In a couple days, we’ll be making the trek to Lima, where we’ll soak up the culture, enjoy the beach, and indulge in an array of what’s known as the quintessential Peruvian dish: ceviché. Then we’ll make the journey to Cuzco, where we’ll stay overnight before arriving at our main destination: Machu Picchu (The lost city of the Incas). Exciting. 

This trip has been a long time coming, and the most challenging trip we’ve ever planned. So, for those interested in one day traveling to Peru (and visiting Machu Picchu), one thing’s for certain: Start planning early. Time is extremely important: you want to make sure you’re giving yourself ample enough time to do whatever it is you want to see and do. Because there are literally only a couple ways to and from Machu Picchu, trains and planes sell out early, so it’s best to try and have everything booked in advance. Similarly, there are only a few modes of transportation, and like all monopolies, they can charge what they like, especially to foreigners. So be prepared to spend more than you’d like on a bus, train or plane ticket.

From our understanding, though, the cost of living is extremely reasonable. So aside from booking transportation and accomodations (we rented a condo in Lima, and booked hostels in the other places), there shouldn’t be much reason to come home broke. 

Can’t wait to share more of this experience with you all! Happy travels! - VJ