"Nubian:" as defined by the Urban Dictionary..

Appalling definition of the word ‘nubian’ found on Urban Dictionary :

1. nubian: Term used by black people who try to trace their roots to some sort of civilization, when in reality they are from stone age, dung-hut, pop-and-click talking, spear throwing tribes. The Nubians were Egypt’s bitch.

As defined by Wikipedia & Miriam-Websters (trusted & reliable sources):

1. nubian: Famous for their wealth, their trade between Central Africa and the lower Nile valley civilizations, their skill and precision with the bow, their 23 letter alphabet, the use of deadly poison on the heads of their arrows, their military, their civilization that built the Nubian pyramids, and their century long rule over the united upper and lower Egyptian kingdoms. The Nubian dynasty ruled Egypt from 760 to 656 BC prior to the Persian conquest over Eqypt.