New Year… New Goals!

Hi Drifters! It has been a while since our last post, and for that we apologize. The holidays were strenuous, and we had a lot going on. But we’re back, and with newfound perspectives!!

We’ve been thinking a lot about what we’ve accomplished as a blog, and what it is we would still like to do. Of course, for those of you who come to read our offerings, you know that our aim is to make travel accessible so that others may take pleasure in the exploration of Mother Earth. We’ve come to realize that for those of you who frequent this site, this is already your reality. 

So with this new year, we want to put a heavy focus on reaching out to the youth, especially those who might not be privy to this breed of information (as even the thought of travel is far removed from their everyday existences). As the age-old saying goes, “The children are the future.” What kind of future will come to be when much of today’s youth are without the mentors and role models that would normally provide encouraging, upwardly-mobile, above-adequate guidance? One shudders to think.

What this means to us here at Nubian Drifter is that we need to take a proactive stance in providing our youth with worthwhile options. And we challenge all our friends out there to do the same. I’m sure we all know of a child at risk of being “at-risk.” Let’s strive to change their reality… find out how to speak their language and give them something to not only dream about, but actually work toward. 

Let’s change some lives in 2012! Happy travels! —VJ