London: The Royal Wedding

I’ve lived in England off and on for the past 5 years and one thing I’ve always admired about this country is how they find any excuse to have a national day off work to drink in the streets.

Over the weekend Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, married Kate Middleton, the daughter of an airline officer and flight attendant. Yes. this means you could marry a prince too and Harry is still up for grabs… 

Every business-minded individual ceased the opportunity to monetize over the royal wedding frenzy. From selling royal wedding china sets to Will and Kate street party packs, oh and can’t forget the Will & Kate face masks strapped around obscure pedestrian faces.  

I wasn’t necessarily in this crowd of mask wearing odd balls peeling over people at Buckingham Palace to see the processional wedding. I was, however in a crowd a bit further east. I live in a community of London called Dalston. Dalston is well known for frames with no lens wearing artsy hipsters, graphic designers, and media junkies. Here in Dalston, we celebrated the royal wedding the only way we knew how - with super cool 2 day music and arts festivals, roof top and basement parties, film screenings, banquets, gigs, pop-up cafes, cider, ale, and barreled French wine. We danced, drank in the streets, and danced some more. Folks arrived not knowing anyone but the person they showed up with and left with a cluster of cool and interesting new contacts to add to their phonebooks.

The London grey can truly test anyone’s bright and beaming personality - but I think all of England can attest to the amazing past few days we’ve had - sunshine, blue skies and two 4 day weekends to do as we please. I’ll cheers to that. -Tnoely