Korea - Halloween Edition!

Recently I had the chance to participate in Halloween festivities for a bunch of children (ages 4-8) here in Korea. It was a really fun time! If you have any experience with young children you know that they can be a blast to be around (and, at times, a pain— but that’s not my focus here). Kids tend to be less inhibited, genuinely creative, curious, and pretty darn intelligent.

During the Halloween celebration we had various activities for the kids which included; pin the spider in the web, ping pong, soccer, Jenga and good ol’ tic tac toe. One of the interesting things for me was to observe various skills and characteristics emerge from the kids as they were engaged in the games. You could see the inherent engineer in a kid as she calculated which Jenga piece she should remove as to most compromise yours truly. Bonds became apparent in pin the spider on the web where you had friends ohh and ahh if their friend swayed too far from the center of the web. And of course their competitive spirits were evident when they competed with one another for points. Later they would use the points they accrued in an auction for things like stickers, pencil cases, etc. On a few occasions the kids broke out in spontaneous protests as they demanded more bonus points. At one point, 40 kids huddled around the Director demanding bonus points, albeit sans gyrating fists. But it is good to see the makings of democracy in the youngsters. Happy Halloween & Safe Travels - SJM