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Your friend, an advert, or even the nubian drifter has inspired you to embark on an overseas journey. The excitement and anxiety begins to fester and just as you’re ready to pack your bags, reasonable questions and uncertainties drizzle over your parade. “Where should I go? How am I getting there? Where do I stay? What will I do there? How much will this cost?”

Well, never you fear nubian drifter is here. We’ve compiled a list of trusted sources used by frequent travelers and backpackers to assist you in planning your next destination. This serves as a continuum to our previous post, “Before Traveling:”        

  • Net Surfing: (Nubian Drifter’s #1 Recommendation),,,,,,,,

You can find explicit destination information at these sites in addition to accommodation; however, if you’re interested in a low budget, more interactive accommodation experience with locals and other travelers, go to:, 

  • Travel Guide Books: Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, Rough Guide, Eye Witness Travel Guide

These hard copy books offer travel advice, tips, and destination information such as currency, government, addresses, popular spots for your age group, and important headquarters. Purchase one of these travel-sized books and take it with you!

  • Music:,,

Expand your listening habits by browsing these world music sites or purchase an album. They offer a variation of artists spanning from every fold of this earth.

  • Language: Guidebook Speedy Language, Lonely Planet Language Phrase Books, (Free Language Learning Site)

Don’t be afraid. You don’t have to talk about the weather or the recent football game with locals, but basic phrases will go a long way. Learn them, write them down and use them when you are lost, asking for something, or simply showing courtesy. 

Happy Travels!- tnoely