Guest Drifter: Jasmin Recalls Central America

Here’s a travel experience submitted by a fellow drifter, reader and friend. Read what Nubian Drifter Jasmin has to say about an experience she had in Central America: 

I walked across the shady bridge connecting Costa Rica and Panama. My heart nearly attacked me as I looked at the holes in the bridge, my feet shaking as the wood panels moved with me. I looked back, then forward. A few yards away lay a new adventure…

I managed to get my passport stamped, despite being an illegal immigrant in Costa Rica. At the border I took a small taxi to Changuinola, the first major town in Panama, where I boarded a water taxi (a small motor boat). It is here where I felt life like I’ve never felt it.

It was about an hour boat ride to Bocas del Toro, a small group of islands just off the coast of Panama. I didnt want the ride to end. I sat there with the wind blowing through my hair, the small boat cutting up the waves, small splashes of water landing on my forehead. To my right was the country of Panama; to my left, the vast sea, appearing never to end.

The sun began to set. Orange rays exploded above me. The clouds appeared to be so low that I could reach out and touch them, and I did. I breathed… I breathed. On that rickety boat, nearing a remote island, I realized there are infinite possibilities. Obama is president. Love is everywhere. And I am in the middle of the ocean. Indeed, anything is possible.