EK 787 Accra/Abidjan

On 20.12.09, I filed in the queue for flight EK 787 from Dubai to Accra/Abidjan. Curious stares at the out of place, rather fair-skinned girl with curly hair commenced. Just as I managed to snap a shot of a 80+ year old African woman eyeing me in a lounge chair, the Emirates flight attendant gestured out an open hand for my boarding pass. My turn for check in. I proceed to the escalator carrying me down to gate 42. I looked down, and immediately felt like I was stepping into Africa’s waiting chambers. African men and women wearing traditional wraps laced with green, orange, reds, purple, and blues- bearing bags atop their heads, bearing the weight of clothes, house goods, and gifts. I sat in a chair adjacent to the back wall.. and awaited the boarding announcement.- tnoely