"Drifter:" as defined by the Urban Dictionary..

1. drifter: A person, with no real place to call their home. They wander from place to place, sometimes looking for something. Sometimes because it’s the only way to get away from everything that made them become drifters in the first place. We all have our reasons for it. 

Drifters move from place to place…once their problems catch up to them, or they’ve had what fun they can get out of the place they are at, they move on again. They are but simple wanderers, for whatever reasons they have to be one. 

Some consider them bottem feeders, just wasting everything from everyone else. Hobo’s are often considered drifters. They may be homeless, but hobo’s can’t get around, or rely on themselves, thus they go to homeless shelters. A drifter may not have a home, but they are self reliant. They live alone, and have to rely only on themselves. 

Only when they find a reason to stay somewhere, will they no longer be a drifter.

A follow-up definition from Wikipedia:

1. drifter: A chocolate coated bar launched by Nestle in 1980. 

Chocolate coated? hmm ironic. Discuss.