Confessions of a Renegade Dancing Drifter..

I was sitting on a pier in Katakalon, Greece at 1am under an orbit of stars when the thought grabbed my attention: My life as a steady drifter has been like a mosiac of shifting images on a wall.

You see, I have a confession… my country count increased by over 100% within a 9 month period: But how? Won the lotto? Joined the army? Married rich? No. I found a way to use my creative talents as a catalyst to seeing over 24 countries within 228 days… here’s how it happened…

I’d been doing a masters in comparable global studies and my final year was winding down to a close. The text book reading, thesis writing and life or death deadlines were sucking me lifeless. Nonetheless, there I was searching for domestic jobs that would carry me into post-graduate societal acceptance… The search lasted all but 5 days. I missed the stage. I craved to be amongst the worldly outdoors once again. I’ve been a dancer since age 4. The job search took a cardinal shift in direction when I decided to introduce my 22 years of dance training and performance to my second lover: travel.

I saw an online post seeking dancers for Disney in Osaka, Japan. It was a close call making it to the third round - but no dice. I brushed off my shoulders (and tattered feet) and went into ‘operation dancing traveler’ mode. One week after handing in my final thesis for graduation, I saw an audition hosted by a world traveling production company aboard the Silversea Cruise Lines. I attended the audition, did a series of stunts, leaps, kicks and interpretive movement, then found myself boarding my new home on the friendly seas within 2 weeks.

So there. Before embarking on my new adventure at sea, I experienced only 9 different countries and disembarked experiencing a total of 33. Thirty-three different nationalities, foods, smells, languages, dialects, governments and customs. I’d walk the streets, taste the air and hear the sounds. Within 228 days, I explore Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bali, Philippines, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Iran, Jordan, Bahrain, Malaysia, Borneo, Turkey, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore and more. Not to mention sailing through deep blue oceans that stretched far out into the purple tinged skies.. and occasionally sighting hump back whales and friendly dolphins. 

The point of all this is to say that if you have a talent, use it to your advantage and share it with the world. Take it beyond domestic borders- Kill two birds with one stone - Get paid to do what you love and travel the world, even if for a short moment in time. -tnoely