Circle Line Pub Crawl

You’re in London. You’ve seen Hyde Park, Big Ben, the Abbey, the Eye, Buckingham Palace and all the other sites, and taken in more shows on the West End than humanly possible. You’ve gorged on fish, chips and Brick Lane Indian food, and drank so much tea you’re urinating Earl Grey! What’s more, you’ve shopped so much that the sales associates at Harrods and the merchants at Camden Market know you by first name… What else could you possibly do to make your transformation to “Honorary Brit” complete? 

Here’s a suggestion: Embark upon the Queen of all Pub Crawls!

Hop on the Circle Line. Make your way to Baker Street station. Disembark and find the nearest pub. Order a half-pint [of beer/ale]. Knock it back. Return to the tube. Proceed to the next station (Edgeware Road). Detrain. Pub it. Half-pint. Guzzle. Tube. Paddington. Pub. Drink. Tube. Repeat… 25x.

The process continues until you’re back at the starting point (Baker Street), where you’ll enjoy one last drink. You will have consumed a high quantity (14 pints) of booze, which means you’ll be sloppy drunk proves a formidable challenge when the time comes to navigate through throngs of pedestrians and find your way out of the tube stations, into close by pubs and eventually, back to your place of residence. 

Suffice it to say, this is not a trek for the weak or faint-hearted. It is, however, for the spirited, tenacious and unconstrained. So grab an all-day tube pass, stuff £50 in your pockets, round up your mates, get pissed and have the time of your life (whilst attempting not to pass out)!

**And don’t forget to clear your diary for the morning after… you’re likely to need that time to recover. Happy Crawling! -VJ