The Great Debate: Books vs. eBooks

You love to travel. You love books. You love to read books while you travel. The same can be said for a lot of other like minded people. A quick novel [or non-fiction] can be perfect during the journey to your travel destination. It can help you decompress. To cleanse yourself of the grunge from the daily grind. The right book can be an ideal travel companion.

Traditional books have a certain appeal. The cover, the texture of the pages and the esteem that fills you as you gradually conquer the book. Also, they can ignite conversation. There have been many times when my book selection has generated curiosity from fellow travellers. A person’s taste in books gives others insight to their interest, which can be an avenue towards some type of meaningful exchange.

Many, myself included, enjoy ebooks as well. You can read them on your Kindle, laptop, or tablet device. The beauty with this alternative is economy. We all know people who are guilty of over packing, even for the simplest of trips. Ebooks allow you to take your library on the move with you, wherever you go. At the moment I have 50+ books on my iPad. Even if I narrowed my collection down to my top 5, that would be a considerable amount of space compared to the portability of my iPad.

Regardless of the medium, the important thing is that you’re a reader. And since you’re reading this, you are a traveller. These are two of the best ways to expand your world and open your mind.

With that said, which do you prefer: print books or ebooks? Are you adapting technology to your lifestyle or do you prefer the simplicity [and integrity] of works in print?